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Hotel Terrazas is located in downtown Curitiba, close to many attractions in Curitiba, to the Rodoviária de Curitiba, Universidade Federal do Paraná, Teatro Guaíra and PUC-PR. Around it there is the the bus terminal Guadalupe, several shopping malls, bars and restaurants.

Igreja Nossa Senhora do Guadalupe - Curitiba
Igreja Nossa Senhora do Guadalupe
Shopping Estação - Curitiba
Shopping Estação
Rua 24 Horas - Curitiba
Rua 24 Horas
  • Centro de Convenções de Curitiba - 400m
    Centro de Convenções de Curitiba is centrally located in Curitiba, 400 meters from the hotel. Next to parking lots, banks, shopping malls, recreational areas and tourist attractions, the Convention Center is perfect to hold corporate and cultural events for up to 1300 people.
  • Igreja Nossa Senhora do Guadalupe - In front of hotel
    With a history of over 50 years, Igreja Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe is just 140 meters from the hotel, in Praça Senador Correa. Elevated to the status of Sanctuary in 2012, the church has as parish priest Father Reginaldo Manzotti.
  • Receita Federal - 350m
    Located at Rua Marechal Deodoro, the headquarters of Receita Federal in Curitiba is just 350 meters away from hotel.
  • Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR) - 500m
    The Historic Building of Universidade Federal do Paraná, located in Praça Santos Andrade, is 500 meters away from the hotel and is currently the main symbol of the college. On the building are installed courses in Law and Psychology.
  • Shopping Estação - 700m
    Built in the same location as before operated Estação Ferroviária de Curitiba, from 700 meters of the hotel, Shopping Estação is, in addition to a shopping center, a historical city building. With several famous stores, including Renner, Americanas and Planet Girls and a food court where are restaurants like McDonald's, Burger King and Spoleto, the site also has several cinemas, a theater of puppets and the Museu Ferroviário.
  • Teatro Guaíra - 700m
    One of the main places for cultural events of Curitiba, Teatro Guaíra is 700 meters away from the hotel and has one of the largest architectural complex in Latin America. Located in front of Praça Santos Andrade, the theater hosts concerts, plays and shows of various artists.
  • Rodoviária de Curitiba - 750m
    Reformed recently, Rodoviária de Curitiba operates in intrastate and interstate road transport, with buses arriving from all parts of the state and the country. Located on Avenida Presidente Affonso Camargo, the bus station is 750 meters away from the hotel.
  • Passeio Público - 1km
    Considered the oldest park in Curitiba, Passeio Público was opened in 1886 and today has an area with several specimens of fauna and flora from Paraná, playground and restaurant. 1 km from the hotel, the site also works for the practice of exercises.
  • Rua 24 Horas - 1,2km
    Recently renovated, Rua 24 Horas, 1.2 km from the hotel, was known for operates for 24 hours a day, with stores and restaurants diverse. Inaugurated in 1991, it was closed in 2007 and reopened in 2011. Currently, its trade operates from 9h to 19h.
  • Largo da Ordem - 1,5km
    One of the main meeting points in Curitiba's nightlife, Largo da Ordem has several bars that are filled with locals and tourists, especially on hot days. The most famous local bar is Bar do Alemão, where it’s served beer "submarine" and the famous “ounce meat”. On Sundays there is the fair of Largo da Ordem, from 9am to 14h. The site offers several attractions, such as handcrafts, clothing, typical food, toys, antiques, used records and cultural presentations. Considered the symbol of the historic center of Curitiba, Largo da Ordem is 1.5 km away from the hotel.
  • Centro de Eventos FIEP - 3,6km
    Located in Jardim Botânico, from 3.6 km of the hotel, Centro de Eventos FIEP has easy access to Afonso Pena Airport and offers a complete structure, with a total area of over 80,000 m² and ability to perform any kind of event, from small to large scale.
  • Jardim Botânico - 4,9km
    Main postcard of the city, Jardim Botânico was opened in 1991 and has several specimens of plants from Brazil and the world, gathered in groves and greenhouses constructed of iron and glass; the main greenhouse has three vaults in Art Nouveau style. Located 4.9 km from the hotel, Jardim Botânico receives daily hundreds of visitors.
  • Aeroporto Internacional Afonso Pena - 16,6km
    Located in São José dos Pinhais, 16.6 miles from the hotel, Afonso Pena International Airport receives daily flights from all parts of the country, plus some international flights.